Custom Designing & Fabricating

For years, J&T Machine Knives has been solving customer problems. Our in depth knowledge and ability to use special materials makes it easy to design and quickly manufacture the perfect solution for you. Quality assured, custom orders are carefully monitored, checked, tested and inspected to provide a first class product.

Machining Center

The latest technology is implemented in our moving column vertical machining centre. To offer our customers the highest standards of quality with JT production approach. We can precision machine work pieces up to 5000 mm long in a single set-up.

Vaccum Heat Treating

Heat treatment that guarantees uniform hardness. With a capacity 30"x30"x180" and a maximum load of 6 tons, this computer controlled furnace hardens materials accurately and minimizes straightening

Precision Grinding

Full repairing and grinding service is available with our special technicians. Whether it's regrinding an existing edge or custom grinding of customer's materials, J&T can handle it. Top quality is our finished product.

Machine Guide Ways

We manufacture solid alloy tool steel guide ways A2/D2 etc. or flame hardened 1060/1045 materials all to you specifications.

Surface Grinding

Surface grinding services to make your surface smooth or flat. Tolerance of ± 2 x 10-4 inches for a flat material grinding and ± 3 x 10-4 inches for parallel surface grinding.

Master of Precision Edges...
Crafted the way you need them.

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