About Us

J&T Machine Knife Inc. is a manufacturer of Industrial Machine Knives, Slide Ways, Shear Blades, Guillotine Blades, Trimmer Knives, Circular Slitter Knives, Shear Knives, Guillotine Shear Blades, and Food Processing Knives.

We also make Stainless Steel Circular Slitters, Slitter Knives, Scraper Blades, Curling Scraper Blades, Circular Knives, Linear Tracks, Cane Knives, Mill Blades, Scrap Blades, and field pole keys, rotor keys, coil keys, generator wedges, coil pole keys, pole wedges and Robot Guide Ways. Also visit Precision Grinding.

In today's intensely competitive marketplace, industry demands dependable service and the highest quality. At J&T Machine Knife, our product is only the beginning of our customer commitment. We particularly excel at precision grinding and surface grinding.

To start, we're specialists in manufacturing industrial knives made of the highest standards. Durability, toughness, good cutting performance go into every blade to give you maximum edge retention and reduce costly downtimes.

In addition, we make Long Knives, 180" Scrap Processing Blades, Linear Plates, Transfer Rails, Paper Guillotine Knives, Slicers, Linear Guides, Wearing Parts, field pole keys, coil pole keys, generator rotor pole keys, rotor keys, generator wedges and Wear Components. Also visit Surface Grinding.

Keeping you on the Edge of Perfection

Using advanced technology along with a keen eye and traditional craftmanship enables us to supply the ultimate in precision. Our custom design team can fabricate products to your special requirements while giving you the best overall economic solution for any application.

Emergency Repair grinding Service is always available to get you that perfect edge once again.

When you need Techincal Asssistance or advice, our technicians are available anytime to answer your questions and work with you every step of the way.

High quality standards, precision edges and exceptional services makes J&T Machine Knife Inc. the masters of precision edges.

Master of Precision Edges...
Crafted the way you need them.

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