Generator RotorPole Keys

Our internal rotor pole keys are by far superior to any competitor, with capabilities of manufacturing up to 200 inch long with a parallel measurement of +/- .0005 per, foot our pole keys will add to your precision rebuild.

Shear Blades

The finest quality tool steels are selected to suit your particular cutting application. Provides maximum edge retention to reduce costly down time.Maximum length 4600 mm.

Scrap Shear blades, Bar & Billet Croppers, Iron worker knives

Carefully selected materials and correct heat treatment & tempering ensure the best performance for these heavily used blades.

Paper cutting knives, Sheeter knives & other cutting edges fot the paper Converting Industry

J&T ultra supreme cut HSS inlay, produced inhouse and used in paper cutting knives such as Polar, Schneider, Seybold, Lawson and all others. For Sheeter knives such as Jagenberg we use solid HSS or carbide inlay; others to suit application. Strafer bars for the Pulp & Paper Industry up to 4600 mm length.

Veener clipper knives, Roll splitters

In ultra supreme quality (HSS inlay) up to 4600 mm in length to your particular drawing.

Granulator Knives

We recognize that many cutting applications cause excessive stresses and wear to the knife edge. We put at the disposal of our customers our expertise in raw material selection, heat treatment, as well as modification and advice to geometry.

Master of Precision Edges...
Crafted the way you need them.

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