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J&T Machine Knife Inc. is a manufacturer of Industrial Machine Knives, Slide Ways, Shear Blades, Guillotine Blades, Trimmer Knives, Circular Slitter Knives, Shear Knives, Guillotine Shear Blades, and Food Processing Knives.

We also make Stainless Steel Circular Slitters, Slitter Knives, Scraper Blades, Circular Knives, Linear Tracks, Cane Knives, Mill Blades, Scrap Blades, Robots, and Robot Guide Ways.

In addition, we make Long Knives, 180"
Scrap Processing Blades, Linear Plates,
Transfer Rails, Paper Guillotine Knives,
Slicers, Linear Guides, Wearing Parts,
and Wear Components.

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Shear Blades & Machine Knives

J&T Machine Knife Inc. specialists use the latest achievements of the industry to provide customers with durable metal-cutting products, including shear blades , industrial blades and machine knives of high-quality. Our company has wide experience and its own technology service that allow us provide our clients and partners with all necessary industrial tools that can be applied in different industries. We use only the highest quality materials for our products manufacturing.

Advanced cutting tools, machine blades and shear blades of proven quality from our company ensure new approach to surface formation. J&T Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of machine knives and industrial blades for general and special purposes. All knives and blades are manufactured in strict compliance with industry quality standards, environmental and industrial safety regulations. General and special-purpose cutting tools from J&T Inc. is the perfect combination of price and quality. Our machine knives have broad technological capabilities and differ in versatility.

Expand the range of cutting tools of your company using technical and production capacity of J&T Machine Knife Inc. Meeting the demands of our customers and partners, we are constantly expanding the range of our products, offering advanced blades and knives for different applications. Our specialists are always ready to provide customers with technical support and help you choose the right tools, which will meet the requirements of your company.

J&T Machine Knife company offers an extensive range of industrial cutting tools. If you use industrial blades or knives for machines in production installations and appreciate the highest accuracy and maximum efficiency, contact us now! We will help you achieve maximum technical performance.

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